Day One of the Kite Building Workshop

As I sit here yawning, I thought I had better give an update on day one of the kite building workshop. We have seven participants and two instructors attending. The instructors put together kits for everyone containing all the necessary ripstop, spars, reinforcements and step-by-step instructions. Including illustrations. The kite involves a two color background with three kokopelli figure appliques. Most of us have had some sort of experience sewing kites, however, there a couple of newbies. The pattern is a challenging one and the newbies are not finding it easy. With lots of guidance from the instructors, they are persevering. And, of course, there is one person who is reversing the color pattern in order to have a distinctive kite. There is always one in every group who is an individual.

I have managed to get all three figures appliqued but only two trimmed. As per usual, I was the last to leave. I am a slow sewer and as it turns out, the workshop photographer as well. I was also informed today, I am supposed to be the on-site reporter and write an article about the workshop for the Kiting magazine. With photos, of course. I fully intend to get a group shot with the completed kites. So I either have to find and accomplice or use the timer and a tripod. Hmmm.

If any readers of this have visited the kite builders forum, they have seen a photo of the workshop kite.


It is a Ohashi kite with a single tow-point.  I saw the prototype of this kite at our New Year’s Day fly.  The single tow-point amazes me.  While this kite has a blue and coral background, our workshop kite is teal and raspberry.  Just can’t seem to keep away from some sort of “pink”.  It is a good-looking kite.

Tomorrow we have to get everything done.  Sewing, hemming, reinforcements, sparring.  Then Sunday morning, at our regular weekly kite club fly, we will put all the kites in the air at the same time.  Should be pretty magnificent.  Stayed tuned for the final result.

Fair Winds All.

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