Looking Forward To Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the beginning of a two-day kite building workshop at the beach. Several of my friends will be there. I am really looking forward to it. As I understand it, we’re going to be making a single tow-point Edo. I’ve never worked with this type sparring before. It doesn’t appear too complicated. And I’m still amazed at how well this rectangular kite flies with just a single line attachment at the very top. I got to see the prototype for this kite at the New Year’s Day fly. I have no idea about colors but I do know that we will be appliqueing a kokopelli on the sail.

My only request to the workshop organizers was that I not have any pink in my kit. This dates back to a kite made in this style that had pink as a background. It became known to a few of us as the “Pepto Bismol” kite. Of course there always is the possibly I will end up with pink on purpose. Random comments do often come back to haunt you.

I will try to remember my camera and take breaks now and then from sewing to take pictures. A Sunday morning fly is scheduled for all participants to fly their finished kites. It should look pretty spectacular. More later.

Fair Winds All.

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