What Better Way To Spend A Birthday

The past Sunday kite Fly happened to fall on my birthday this year.  So I decided I would put on a show of some kites I hadn’t flown in a while and which were my favorite colors.  Luckily, it was a beautiful day to be on the beach.  And the wind, while not from the best direction, was strong enough to lift all my Powersleds with line laundry.  The sky was filled with red-white-grey-black with coordinated spikey balls.

In addition, I also put up my new custom Flying Smiles Hata, also in red-white-black.  This hata is made by Cath Shook at Flying Smiles kite shop in Corolla, NC.

So after one pretty day on the beach for my birthday, why not continue with another visit to fly some of my White Bird dragon kites.  The weather was predicting rain later in the day so I figured we had plenty of time.  And the wind had swung around to come from the south so the temperature was even better.  I was so wrong.

Not long after we arrived and got the sand bag anchors set out, the sky clouded up and it became a little cooler.  Okay, no big deal, we had jackets.  I began launching seven of my dragons.  The limiting factor being the number of sandbags and lighter weight kite lines we had.   Some went up easily and a couple of others needed some bridle adjustments.  It was a great show.  The only downside was that it was a cloudy weekday and there was no one on the beach other than us.  And, deep down, I like putting on a show for people.




Just after I got these pictures of the dragons, it began to sprinkle.  Looking around I could see rain offshore.  So it was decided to take down the kites before everything got too wet.  We were too late.  It began to rain harder.  We got wet. The kites got wet.  The lines got wet.  Everything was wet and covered with sand.  We just threw everything in a heap in the back of the truck and headed for home.

Meanwhile, it never rained at home and the sun was shining when we got there.  So I spread all the kites and lines out on the front lawn to dry.  Luckily, the kites dried quickly and the sand brushed off easily.  All was folded up and put away by sunset.  And so ends my birthday kite flying.

Fair Winds All.

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