Kite Making Continues

The winds have not been favorable these past couple of days.  Did finally see some sunshine.  Since flying was out of the question, I contented myself with sewing.  Seems I do my best sewing in the mornings and late, late at night.  The outlining on the Penelope kite is almost done.  It’s gone a lot faster than I expected.  That leads me to conclude one of two things.  Either I’m getting better at sewing for applique or this pattern is much easier than Pepe.  Let’s massage my ego a  bit and say I’m getting better.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a good day for our weekly Sunday morning club fly.  Our “fearless leader” will be staying in town this weekend and, hopefully, will be bringing some new goodies to try out.  I have requested that he bring the Vamp Devil quad line kite.  I had sworn off quad line kites until I saw this little cutie.  It is a fun bat-looking kite, so different from the Revolution style quad line kite.  So I’m giving quad line a try.  Leave it to me to fly something so different from what everyone else has.  That’s been my style.  Fly something different and distinctive.  You can usually tell when I’m flying before you get out of your car.  Just look in the sky for my White Bird dragons or my Xelons or a vintage dual line kite.

Charlie Chaplin Dragon by White Bird

Plans were completed today for a kite day at a local grade school.  I will be out-of-town so the honors go to my flying partner and husband.  He is getting help from the kite shop staff and friends.  Hopefully, they will be able to put a couple of kites in the air and then help the kids launch and fly theirs.  They’re flying on a soccer field so there’s no telling how the wind will be.

Well. I’ve either got to sew or go to bed now.  There’s no sleeping in tomorrow morning.

Fair Winds All.