Kites Indoors

No, this post is not about flying kites indoors.  I have no kites that are light enough to fly indoors and I have enough trouble walking forward most times much less walking backward and trying to control the flight of a kite.  No, this is about my new kite project, indoors.

I have begun work on the companion for Pepe.  I got the pattern transferred to the white ripstop and layered the three colors together.  Working into the wee hours of the morning, I have hot tacked the layers together and they are now ready for sewing.  The hardest part of all of this was getting the dimensions the same as the Pepe kite.  They are to be a pair so they must be the same.  The measurements are not exact but, as several of my kiting friends have told me, who can tell when they’re 75 to 100 feet in the air.  So I have given up on my perfectionism and come awful close.

Today is a scrapbook day for me so I’m planning on sewing tomorrow afternoon.  And on Saturday and on Sunday.  I don’t think I will get it done and sparred before the upcoming kite building workshop but I hope to have the skin completed to show the other kite builders.

The weather outlook for the next few days is bleak.  Rain today and high winds, really high, for the weekend.  Maybe by June the weather will stabilize to something we can enjoy.  That’s about as optimistic as I can get right now.

Fair Winds All.

A Beautiful Day To Fly

After two completely awful flying days, the sun came out and the sky was a beautiful clear blue. Who could resist a day like that? Not us. Even though there were errands to run and packing to do, we headed to the beach for a couple of hours of kite flying. Of course, the compelling reason was we had some new kites to fly. And you just don’t put off flying new kites.

It was a bit cool on the beach. The thermometer said in the 50s but it felt more like upper 40s. We had added a couple of extra clothing layers so it wasn’t too uncomfortable. The winds started about 6mph and increased to about 14 mph as the day wore on. One of our kite-flying friends was already there taking advantage of the day. Great minds think alike. It was a good afternoon of flying and talking and flying. Yes, I did say afternoon. Our couple of hours turned into the whole afternoon.

The show today consisted of the complete Xelon line by HQ, the EO6 by Prism, a small Eddy train by New Tech, and my own pan flute kite. Our friend had up a delta and a box delta. The three Xelons looked great flying side-by-side. But did I have my camera? Noooooo! When will I ever learn to keep a camera in the car at all times? The Eddy train was stable at lower winds and started to dart around as the wind picked up. Much like a string of fighter kites leased together. It was fun. Our friends box delta went for a wild ride. It pulled up the stake it was tied to and flew into the dunes. Way into the dunes. All 500 ft. of line was unwound from the reel and the reel was dragged another 500 to 750 ft. Luckily it came to earth undamaged. But it was quite a hike through the dune grasses and cactus. We re-anchored it to a sandbag. Stubborn kite still dragged the sandbag about fifteen feet when we weren’t looking. Finally, buried the sandbag and it stayed put.

The weather looks crummy for the next three days so it will probably be the weekend before we fly again. Maybe we can get some “home” stuff done in the meantime.

Fair Winds All.

Pan Flute Kite (custom kite)
Xelon III by HQ

The First Day Of National Kite Month

Today is the first day of National Kite Month 2011. We all should be getting out in the kite fields and flying.  However, the weather is not cooperating here.  It is gray, gloomy, wet and chilly.  I refuse to use the word cold because it is not freezing and spring is supposed to have arrived.  Of course, the wind is good.  For the first time in a few days it is not blowing a gale.  So the question is should I go out and risked getting rained on and kites wet or should I remain in the house with my coffee and my computer and not begin National Kite Month properly.

Today is the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival in Washington, DC.  Well, it was supposed to be today.  It, too is being affected by the weather and is postponed.  The meteorologists have forecast snow for the Washington area and the powers that be have wisely postponed that festival.  The new date will be released tomorrow.  Interestingly, the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival web site says there will be no rain date.  I guess they weren’t considering snow when the plans were made.

This afternoon I am planning on starting work on my new kite.  I am making a companion kite to my Pepe Le Pew della porta kite.  It’s Penelope, Pepe’s girlfriend.  They should make quite a pair flying together.

Time to make the coffee.

Fair Winds All.

Pepe Le Pew (custom kite)