The Weather Is Just Not Cooperating

For the second week in a row, the weather is not cooperating with those of us who just want to fly kites.

Last week it was the cold. You may call me a “wimp” but when the temperature falls below 40 degrees with a north wind (a strong north wind), it is just too cold to be on a beach. On top of that, it rained. We did go to the beach for a while and sit in the truck and watch the foam blow off the tops of the waves. It looked like snow blowing across the sand. After going home, I picked out colors and fabric for my next kite build.

This weekend a winter storm arrived. We got a half inch of ice covering everything. Along with north winds in the teens and sleet. Most of the county was shut down because travel became too dangerous. Temperatures didn’t get above 40 degrees with wind chills making it 10 degrees lower. Things got better after the storm moved on but the ice remains and we chose to stay home and stay warm.

While housebound, I started sewing on a Van Hienen Shield. Instructions for this kite are found on the forum. Each week a new step is published. And the instructions stay online so if you fall behind, it’s easy to catch up later. This weekend is for cutting and hemming. Next is the applique. When the skin is complete, the framing begins.

So here’s to sunshine, more tolerable temperatures and smooth flying winds to come.

Fair Winds All

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