New Kites And Other Things

The weekly Carolina Kite Club fly didn’t go very well this week.  There was no wind, lots of heat and humidity and way too many “no-see-ums”.  For those of you who don’t know, the no-see-um is an extremely small flying insect that has a big bite.  They are annoying and persistent.  Where there is one, there are a thousand and no bug repellant seems to keep them away.  They can make a beautiful day miserable.

There has been kite activity in the past couple of weeks.  Most of it did not involve flying however.  Some hours were spent doing line maintenance.  Specifically the untangling of a rat’s nest of a quad line set.  At first it looked hopeless but with a little persistence and patience, I now have a line set ready to use.  As long as I was working on quad lines, I rewound two other sets in order to reduce the possibility of future tangles.  Less time untangling, more time flying.

Friendly Dragon
Golden Gate Dragon

There were some additions made to the kite bags recently.  I managed to add a couple of White Bird dragon kites to my collection.   One was the Golden Gate Bridge dragon, a pattern I hadn’t seen before and one not found on their catalogue pages.  The other is a Friendly Dragon dragon.  I already had three Friendly Dragon dragons in different sizes.  This one gives me a complete family.  The purchases bring my White Bird dragon collection up to a total of eleven.  My ultimate plan is to put every dragon I own in the air at the same time.  A festival of White Birds.  There will be pictures when I do it.

A Family of Friendly Dragons

Fair Winds All.

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