I Couldn’t Wait

This week I am missing the Carolina Kite Club fly.  But I had just finished the pigtails and train lines for a Revolution kite stack and really wanted to get out and try it.  Yes, lately it seems I’ve been “stack” crazy.  I stacked my Dream On and my Little Dreamer and added to my stack of Goblins.  Now, I’m stacking quad line kites.  I had seen stacks of Revolutions on photos from some of the large kite festivals.  They looked like fun and a challenge.

Kites Unlimited Custom Kites by Revolution

Not being an expert flyer, I decided to start with a small stack.  I have two kites that have the same sail pattern, the Kites Unlimited Custom Revolutions.  One is a full sail and the other is a vented sail.  So I went out one evening when the wind was about 10 mph and the temperature had gone down to something bearable.  My mind was picturing tangled lines and ugly crashes.  instead I had a wonderful time.  The two kites flew as one with just a slight pull on the lines.  The only time things got wobbly was close to the ground where the wind got a little light.  And, even then, it was controllable.  I’m looking forward to taking these out again.  And again and again.




Kites Unlimited Revolution Stack at Fort Macon State Park

Fair Winds All.

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