Busy, Busy, Busy (part 2)

The kite flying weekend continued with the regular Carolina Kite Club fly.  We almost decided not to try to fly in the 2-3 mph winds.  However, when we arrived at the beach, there was a large delta in the air with a spinner trailing behind it.  Logically, this kite should not have been flying in those light winds, especially with the drag of the spinner.  But there it was.  So we gathered up our light wind kites and went to join the other flier.  To add to the amazing flight of the delta, it was flying on heavy line which was adding to the drag.


Not to be outdone, other members of the club put up a RWB delta with tails and a couple of the Critter kites by Skydog, the Penguin and the Elephant.  I got out a small six-sided kite that I made some years ago and my light wind Fled.  It took some work to get the kites up but once they were high enough, they flew pretty well.  The Fled almost got away from me when a sudden gust of wind came up.  There was not enough sand in the bag anchor and the kite started dragging it across the beach.  Then the wind dropped and they all fell down.  Except for that amazing delta kite.

The Elephant Critter Kite by Skydog
USA Levitation Delta by Into The Wind

Before leaving, Don from the Kites Unlimited Kite Shop brought out a small light wind stunt kite from Into The Wind called the Wisp II.  This kite was just right for the 2 mph wind we had.  At first it seemed too fast and twitchy.  But once I lightened up on the lines, it was a blast to fly.  For a small light-weight kite, it tracked across the sky surprisingly well and only needed fingertip control.  I guess you could say it was love at first sight.  There is one of these on order for me and it will be a red one.

Wisp II by Into The Wind
The Wisp II and my Fish Kite

Fair Winds All.