“I’m MELTING! Melting!”

And so said the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.  And that’s just the way I felt at our most recent kite club fly.  Thankfully, I had brought a cooler with water and drank all that I had.  Otherwise i probably would have become just a puddle in the sand.

It was scorching hot but the wind was up and too good to miss.  I finally had the opportunity to put the complete Xelon collection in the air.  I love these kites.  My only problem is that HQ did not put a tube tail on the fourth kite in the series.  I added a streamer tail to match the two side streamers but it just doesn’t seem right.  I’m thinking that sometime over the winter I’m going to construct a tube tail to match the other three and add it to the fourth Xelon.

Xelons by HQ

While the Xelons were flying, I put up my new Peter Powell stunt kite.  It was a perfect day for this kite.  The diamond stunters need a little more wind to fly well and to have the long tails stream out behind them.  The Peter Powell flew slowly across the wind window, doing graceful swoops, dives and circles.  The tail tracing the kite’s path around the sky.  My favorite type of stunt flying.  Unfortunately, there was no one available to photograph this kite in the sky.  So we have to settle for a landed Peter Powell.  Nonetheless, it is still a good-looker.

New Peter Powell
New Peter Powell Diamond Stunt Kite

Fair Winds All.

(And try to stay cool!!)

Life Got In The Way

I am seriously suffering right now.  It’s been over two weeks and I haven’t flown a kite.  Instead, I’ve been on the road.  The first event was my grandson’s third birthday.  Wouldn’t have missed that for the world.  The theme was Nemo and I provided the flying clownfish.  Yes, I own a remote control flying clownfish.  It’s an Air Swimmer.  I bought it a few years ago on a whim and it has come in handy a couple of times.  In a way, you could say I did do some flying although it wasn’t a kite.

My Personal Nemo

The next event was a wedding.  As a little background, I am an amateur fine art photographer.  My daughter is a professional photographer with her own studio.  She agreed to shoot a friend’s wedding out-of-town (way out-of-town).  I went along as chauffeur as she is now six months pregnant and driving is not most comfortable thing for her.  I also ended up becoming the second shooter for the wedding.  So instead of a kite string in my hand, I was carrying a camera around for a few days.  After the wedding, I also had the privilege of taking my daughter’s maternity images. Now it is so hot I don’t want to leave the house.  But I’m hoping to get some kite flying in soon.

Fair Winds All.

I Am A Kite Addict

As per usual, we arrived at the beach for the weekly kite club fly and the flag was glued around the flagpole.  There was absolutely, positively no wind.  No one even opened a kite bag. Speaking of kite bags, I got a new one this week.  It’s a black MLD bag with red pockets.  All my long kite bags are black with red pockets so I can readily identify my bags from my husband’s.  Instead of flying, I decided to repack all my bags and do a kite inventory.  At this writing, I have four bags done: Large Dragon Kites, Vintage Dual Line Stunt Kites, Dual Line Stunt Kites and Collector Single Line Kites.  I have one bag left for Single Line Kites.  Of course, I could not have gotten all this done alone.  I had a helper.  Though I’m not sure how much help Miss Kaylee actually provided.


I thought I was doing pretty good and then I remembered the kite bag in the back of the truck.  It is my traveling bag for the kites I take to the beach.  At the moment, it is full.  There are definitely more single line kites than will fit in one bag.  Ohh, My!!

Miss Kaylee
Miss Kaylee

And, now that I think about it, there are quite a few other bags that I also need to inventory. This includes a flat bag for hatas and dragon kites, a bag for Revolution and quad line stunt kites, a bag for the hyperkite stacks, a bag for the Trlbys, a bag of line laundry, a bag for ground display items and a bag of banners for festivals and events. I think I need to find a Kite Fliers Anonymous group to deal with this addiction. Fair Winds All.