The Wisp II Arrived

Much to my surprise, the Wisp II arrived early.  I was hoping it would come before we left for the Mile High Kite Fly at Beech Mountain, NC.  In fact, it arrived a week early.  Kudos to Into The Wind for the extremely fast delivery.  So my red Wisp II, my husband and I went to the beach today to try it out.  The winds were really low to nonexistent so it was a great trial for this kite.

The Wisp II is a dual-line, low wind stunt kite.  It is rated for two to five mph winds.  I tried it out on fifty foot lines to get a feel for it before leaving for the festival.  It was so much fun.  Even when the wind stopped and the flag at Fort Macon was wrapped around the pole, this kite kept on flying.  It felt like there was nothing on the other end of the lines.

The Wisp II by Into The Wind

Beech Mountain, here we come.

Fair Winds All.

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