Sewing And Cutting, Sewing And Cutting

Wanted to fly today but, once again, the wind wouldn’t cooperate.  We have a couple of new Skydog kites to test fly.  Tried to fly them a couple of days ago before the sun set.  While the wind was stronger than today, it was not strong enough to get one of the kites into the air.  The other took some work but did eventually fly and fly quite well.  It just hung in the sky above our heads, no waving, weaving or wobbling.  Maybe tomorrow we can try again.

So instead of flying, I worked on a kite for the upcoming kite festival workshop.  I got my kite early so that I could get my kite finished for use as a sample.  Because of this, I’m moving rapidly into the position of a perfectionist.  I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not competing in the Nationals so it really doesn’t matter.  This is a fun, good-looking kite and I should be having fun making it.  And why is my kite a sample kite?  I have been given the assignment of workshop assistant instead of workshop participant.  Apparently people believe I already have the skills for a beginner class and have moved on.  We will see.  In one week, it will be only be a year since I made my first kite.

The applique sewing is complete and I am cutting away the unwanted layers of ripstop.  Tomorrow I have to get some more thread for hemming and pockets.  Then I need to do repair work on some of my kites so they will be ready for the festival.  Yes, I have been procrastinating.  I hate repair work.  Mostly it’s ripping out pockets and replacing them.

My next project is a kite for my daughter.  She wants to hang it on the wall in the spare bedroom.  So I had better get back to the work table.

Fair Winds All.

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