Nothing New

There’s nothing new to write about this week.  We’ve been out-of-town visiting relatives.  We took kites along with us.  Especially low wind kites as we were going to be in inland locations.  But there was absolutely no wind.  Not a breath of it.  The temperatures cooled down a little bit but the wind just wouldn’t cooperate.  Except for the morning of the last day as we were packing the car to head for home.  then it picked up to a perfect easy breeze.  Drat!!!!!!!

Now we’re  home and getting prepared just in case Hurricane Irene pays us a visit.  And, yes, there is a wind.  And it is a little to high for us to fly.  We just can’t win!!!!!!  Though I’m sure there are some brave, young souls who are going to kite surf and fly the larger soft stunt kites so they can get dragged down the beach.  More power to them.  Maybe after all this has gone by we can get back to flying.  In the mean time…

Fair Winds All.

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