The Secret Revealed

The building continues on the Painless Parafoil.  I have all of the pieces hemmed and ready for assembly.  I have been keeping the pattern for the bottom panel a secret until I could see how it would turn out.  The pattern is quit striking.  I finished the applique and have to admit from a distance, it looks pretty good.

But up close, I am not happy with the sewing.  I’ve been told by several kite builder friends that I should go ahead and finish the kite since it will look good in the sky.  And others have said that I should redo the panel because if I’m not happy with the kite I probably will not fly it much.  That’s the core of the problem.  Others will see the kite in the air and will want to see it close up on the ground.  I really don’t want to show off sewing that is not the best I can do.  I don’t mean perfect sewing.  Just sewing that doesn’t show poor or sloppy technique.  I know I can do better.

So I have started a second bottom panel.  This will set back the completion of the kite.  But I will have a kite that I am proud to show off.  I believe I know how to improve on the first one.  So here goes.  Wish me luck.

And the pattern is…

The Eagle

Fair Winds All.


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