And The Kite Building Continues

Just a short update on the progress of my latest kite building project.  I am making my first parafoil kite.  I guess you could say this is the proper step in the progression started with my pan flute.  It is called a “Painless Parafoil” and is on the small side compared to some.  But I haven’t that much space in my workroom so I will use that as my excuse for not going BIG.

I have the pieces cut out and ready for hemming.  I intend on putting an applique on the bottom panel.  That will be the next step after hemming.  Then comes assembly.  I am going to document the process as I go along.  But, please, be patient with me.  I am a procrastinator.

Painless Parafoil

I have given myself a deadline.  July 4th.  The reason for this will be revealed as progress is achieved.  Wish me luck.

Fair Winds All.