And The Kite Building Continues

Just a short update on the progress of my latest kite building project.  I am making my first parafoil kite.  I guess you could say this is the proper step in the progression started with my pan flute.  It is called a “Painless Parafoil” and is on the small side compared to some.  But I haven’t that much space in my workroom so I will use that as my excuse for not going BIG.

I have the pieces cut out and ready for hemming.  I intend on putting an applique on the bottom panel.  That will be the next step after hemming.  Then comes assembly.  I am going to document the process as I go along.  But, please, be patient with me.  I am a procrastinator.

Painless Parafoil

I have given myself a deadline.  July 4th.  The reason for this will be revealed as progress is achieved.  Wish me luck.

Fair Winds All.

4 thoughts on “And The Kite Building Continues

    1. My post entitled “Beautiful Weather for a New Kite” has photos of the finished parafoil. The plan is called “The Painless Parafoil” by Stretch Tucker. The top and bottom are one piece which made the appliqué easier and reduced the number of seams. The plan was published in Kitelines Magazine, vol. 9, #1, (Winter 1991-92). It is available for download from the online library at

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