And The Wind Blows Again

My new kite from Peter Lynn of New Zealand arrived just before the festival.  Unfortunately, the winds were too high for me to fly it.  So in the middle of the week we made a trip to the beach to put it in the air for the first time.  It is really a kite show in a bag.  It is made up of a lifter kite and a fish, a skate and a crab to hang from the flying line.  I was a little nervous as I never had flown anything like this before but I’m not nervous anymore.  It was a breeze to put up and really looked great.  I couldn’t stop smiling.

Just like the Carolina Kite Festival this past weekend, the winds were high for the weekly community kite fly.  According to a couple different weather apps, the winds were supposed be on the high side in the morning, dropping to more manageable speeds as noon approached.  Well, they had it wrong again.  The winds only picked up as the day progressed.  Since we hadn’t unpacked the kites from the truck after the festival, we were able to select some kites which could handle the wind.  And the kites of choice were a variety of deltas.




Another type of kite which handled higher winds is the dragon.  And the White Bird dragons flown by our friend Steve added to the show.

For the first time in months, I got out one of my quad line kites, the Vertigo Max, vented for higher winds.  Stunt kite flying is a lot like riding a bicycle.  You never really forget how to fly, you just get a little rusty.  And it all comes back quickly.  It made for a fun morning.

Fair winds All



I Am A Kite Addict

As per usual, we arrived at the beach for the weekly kite club fly and the flag was glued around the flagpole.  There was absolutely, positively no wind.  No one even opened a kite bag. Speaking of kite bags, I got a new one this week.  It’s a black MLD bag with red pockets.  All my long kite bags are black with red pockets so I can readily identify my bags from my husband’s.  Instead of flying, I decided to repack all my bags and do a kite inventory.  At this writing, I have four bags done: Large Dragon Kites, Vintage Dual Line Stunt Kites, Dual Line Stunt Kites and Collector Single Line Kites.  I have one bag left for Single Line Kites.  Of course, I could not have gotten all this done alone.  I had a helper.  Though I’m not sure how much help Miss Kaylee actually provided.


I thought I was doing pretty good and then I remembered the kite bag in the back of the truck.  It is my traveling bag for the kites I take to the beach.  At the moment, it is full.  There are definitely more single line kites than will fit in one bag.  Ohh, My!!

Miss Kaylee
Miss Kaylee

And, now that I think about it, there are quite a few other bags that I also need to inventory. This includes a flat bag for hatas and dragon kites, a bag for Revolution and quad line stunt kites, a bag for the hyperkite stacks, a bag for the Trlbys, a bag of line laundry, a bag for ground display items and a bag of banners for festivals and events. I think I need to find a Kite Fliers Anonymous group to deal with this addiction. Fair Winds All.