Please Forgive Me

I has been over a year since I’ve told any tales about our kite flying.  There are various reasons – the pandemic kept us closer to home, the weather didn’t cooperate, had other things to keep me occupied and I was just too lazy to sit done and write.  So I’m going to try and pick it up again.  Especially as the kiting activities have started up after over a year of cancellations.

Now where to start…

I will start with one of the more exciting things.  At least, more exciting to me.  I have added some kites to my collections of White Bird dragon kites.  A kite club in another state was having their annual fund raising kite auction.  There were a number of White Bird kites up for auction as the club had been gifted with a departed kite flyer’s collection.  A friend of mine agreed to be my proxy at the auction.  After much time on the computer, I became the proud owner of four White Bird dragons.

When the box arrived, my living room became overrun with nylon.  All were signed and dated.  The Harlequin is a 150 foot dragon from 1994.  The Rainbow is a 150 foot dragon from 1995.  The Sun King is a 55 foot dragon dated 1988.  And the Cloud Dragon is a 55 foot dragon dated 2001.  After a few weeks, I did have a day with enough wind to gt them in the air.  And some day I hope to be able to fly all four of my 150′ dragons at once.  My ultimate dream is to fly all my White Bird dragons at the same time.  But looking through my kite bag, I do not have enough lines or sand bags to accomplish that feat.  It’s an embarrassment of riches.

That’s all for now.  I hope to be able to do more catching up in the next few days and have more kiting adventures to write about.

Fair Winds All.

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