A Beautiful Day And Some Time Away

A beautiful day and some time away from the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.  The sun shone and the clouds moved across the sky.  It was the first kite flying day of the autumn but the temperature was more like the summer.  Hot!!  The beach had changed dramatically.  A lot of the dunes were worn away by the waves and the rocks that usually provided a place to set our kite bags were buried in the sand.  A lot of the beach grass was also gone.























On the bright side, the wind was good and it felt so right to be flying again.  The variety of kites in the air was amazing considering there were only five of the regular flyers present.  I put up the Brasington Stealth Delta from this summer’s workshop.  It flew quite well, even when the wind changed direction and strength.  I tried to fly the modified edo I call the Koi Pond.  It didn’t care for the lighter winds and so I was unable to anchor it and move on to flying a stunt kite.  And I need the practice.

It was a shame there were so few people walking on the beach to see the kites.  Several were whimsical and guaranteed to draw smiles.  Who can not smile upon seeing a flying hippo.  Others were guaranteed to fly no matter what the wind would do.  And then there were a couple that kept the flyers hopping as they went up, drifted down and had to be put up again.  Anyone who thinks kite flying is a passive sport never tried to fly on a day of changing wind
















In between tending kite lines, there was talk of the upcoming kite festival.  Especially some of the obstacles that have the potential to effect the number of flyers present and the number of spectators.  The one thing there was no talk of was canceling the event.  Just as the kites adjust to the whim of the wind and fly, so the flyers will adjust to the circumstances and fly, fly, fly.

Photos courtesy of Steve McGraw.

Fair Winds All


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