A Lot Of Catching Up To Do (Part 3)

And to continue on with my further adventures.  We missed the club fly last weekend because of a very important appointment.  Our daughter bought us Green Bay Packer game tickets for our anniversary.  Even better, it was the Green Bay Packers vs. the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, NC.  OMG!  She and her husband drove from Virginia to join us and watch the game together.  What a wonderful day.  It definitely beat out a day flying kites.  I know it sounds awful but nothing is better than my Green Bay Packers.  Yes, I am a football fanatic!  And they won.  Heaven!!!!!  And I only have about 400 photographs to sort through.  LOL.  Now back to kites.

The day of the game was the last day we had without rain.  A couple of months ago, we were practically praying for rain.  Now we can’t wait for it to stop.  We got another inch in just the past twenty-four hours.  And it seems to just hang along the coast.  So yesterday was the regular weekly kite club fly.  It rained.  We knew we wouldn’t be flying but we drove out to the flying field anyway.  We sat in the car, eating our biscuit breakfast and watched it rain.  Then we went to the kite shop, visited for a while and watched it rain.  At least there was football to watch on TV.

What made the lack of flying weather even more frustrating is that I have a new kite and I can’t even fly it.  My anniversary present was a custom art kite by Ray Wong.  A beautiful Rokkaku, gray with red, pink, and maroon appliqué, called “Windows”.  When I finally get a chance to fly it, I will take a photo and post it.  Until then…

Fair Winds All.

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