Happy Mother’s Day

I hope all the other mothers had as good a day as I had. The only kink in the day was the rain. I had two new kites to fly and no chance to fly them. Just as we were leaving home for the weekly club fly it began to rain. Not hard but hard enough to put a damper on the fly. Yes, when we arrived everyone else had already left or had not come at all.

So, what was my Mother’s Day alternative? A special breakfast out, an afternoon full of Star Trek Season Two reruns (thanks to my daughter who gave me the DVD set) and dinner prepared by my husband. A very lazy day.

Right now the wind is down so there is no flying today. Hopefully in the next day or two we will get a chance to fly our kites.  And my two new ones will have a taste of freedom in the sky.

Fair Winds All.

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