The Sunday Curse

The week following the Carolina Kite Festival is one of cleaning out kite bags, re-organizing kites and getting things stored away until the next festival.   It is also a time to rest and recharge from the intensity of two long days on the beach.  The first fun fly after a festival is usually a lightly attended one and this week it was no different.

And as usual, we were visited by “The Sunday Curse”.  The winds were light as we drove into the parking lot but we were prepared and had brought our light wind kites.  We got to the beach and had a few kites up and flying when the curse hit.  The wind completely died.  The flag above the fort wrapped itself around the pole and all kites drifted slowly to earth.  Now what do kite flyers do when the wind stops?  They sit around and solve the problems  of the world and ponder if they should just pack up and go home or not.


We are diehard kite flyers and we waited.  The winds rose a little and some kites went back up.  One of the kites I struggled to fly was a Malay Diamond, “Sunset”, by Into The Wind.  My husband has the Sunrise Malay.  This kite was an anniversary present and I really wanted to get it up, even though I knew the winds were gong to be a little too light to give enough lift.  So I stubbornly persevered and got it to fly for a little while.




“Sunset” Malay Diamond by Into The wind











What ultimately drove us off of the flying field was not the lack of wind but rain.  Quicker than we expected, clouds blew in and it began to rain.  Now getting a little wet is not a bad thing.  But having to pack up wet kites and then unpack and dry them when you get home is not fun.  There is never enough space to spread out a bunch of kites, kite bags, anchor bags and spools of kite line.

All is dry now and we’re looking forward to more fine fall days to put color in the sky.

Fair Winds All.


Kite Flying Again In A Big Way

Our long and very pleasant stay with our daughter, grandson and very new granddaughter has come to an end.  We were sent home and told under no circumstances were we to miss the Carolina Kite Festival in Atlantic Beach, NC.  Our kite flying hiatus has come to an end in a very big way.  Two days of endless kite flying, old kiting friendships renewed and new kiting friendships made.

The Carolina Kite Festival was held this past weekend.  The temperatures were perfect and the winds were obliging most of the time.  Saturday’s winds were perfect in range though a little gusty.  Large inflatable kites were flying at one end of the beach all day.  There were mass ascensions of many types of kites and performances by the kiting celebrity guests and some local talent.


The Bay Area Sundowners, a stunt kite performance team from San Francisco, CA, flew several routines with their trains of Hyperkites.  They are regular guests at the festival and people look forward to seeing them each year.  Big Al Sparling, another regular from Chicago, IL, came and flew the big kites.  The kids attending the festival decorated and flew small sled kites.  “Purple”, the pink playsail, made an appearance and was a hit.  And, of course, so was the candy drop.  The one of the highlights of the day was the flying of the ribbon kite.  This kite is 440 feet long and is the largest ribbon kite in the world.  It is handcrafted by Randy Tom, an internationally known kite maker.  A new guest to the festival was Dodd Gross,  a kite designer and a champion stunt kite flyer.  He gave stunt kite demonstrations and seminars.  Representatives from two kite companies were in attendance, Jim Christianson of Skydog Kites and Chris Schultz of HQ Kites.  Both flew kites from their respective companies.  It was a busy, busy day.  Lots of folks came to see the kites and many brought their own kites and joined in on the fun.  That was the key word for the day, FUN!


Dodd Gross and the Low Wind Kiting Seminar
Dodd Gross and the Low Wind Kiting Seminar Attendees

Sunday started out a little disappointing.  There was no wind at all.  The ocean was glassy and the skies were partly cloudy.  Thankfully, kite flyers are an enterprising group and several got out their fighting kites and demonstrated how to fly with no wind.  Yes, it is possible.  As the morning went on, there came a breath of wind and we got the low wind kites out of the bags and put them in the air.  By noon, the winds had increased and become steady.  A perfect day for kites.

Ribbon Kite


Bay Area Sundowners

The big kites went up and the mass ascensions and performances began.  Two mass ascensions of note were the Sky Skimmers and the Kites Unlimited Revolutions.  Both of these kites are only available at Kites Unlimited kite shop in Atlantic Beach, NC.  The Sky Skimmers are made by Jeri Dixon, one of the owners of the shop.  The special black and white Revolution kite pattern are made specifically for the Kites Unlimited shop by Revolution Kites.  I should mention too that the Hyperkites the Sundowners flew are also only available at Kites Unlimited.  This is starting to sound like a commercial but I can’t help it.  Kites Unlimited is my favorite kite store and the main sponsor of the Carolina Kite Festival.  I hang out there way too much.

I did something at this festival that I had never done before.  I got out in the performance field and flew for the audience.  The wind had come up in the afternoon and was blowing steady down the beach.  I trained my two Kites Unlimited Revolutions, one full sail and one vented sail, and flew to some music that was playing at the time.  It was a spur of the moment thing and went pretty well.  It went so well I dug out some music of my own choosing and flew my progressive “Dream” stack.  I trained my Dream On stunt kite and my Little Dreamer stunt kite, both designed by Dodd Gross and sold by Skydog, and flew them to the song “Time In A Bottle” by Jim Croce.  I lost the wind once on a low pass but put them back up and finished the music.  It was fun and I think I’ll do it again sometime.  Maybe with a little more practice beforehand.


So how do I sum up the weekend?  Long days, tiring but fun, Fun, FUN!!!!!  And that’s what kite flying is all about.

Fair Winds All.


Catching Up For Lost Time and Lost Wind

It was pretty frustrating having no wind at the festival and then finding out that there was wind for the kite club fly at home.  So to make up for it, we went to the kite field more than usual this past week and a half.  The fact that the temperature moderated at a very comfortable level was a bonus.  It was so relaxing.

The winds were actually a little strong the first evening we went to fly.  I had just gotten the Brasington Central Station train and had yet to fly it.  So I put it and my Waif train up,  You will notice that the Waif train has five kites and the Central Station train has six.  Well, the Waif train I made at a Brasington kite building workshop and I have yet to finish it.  The sixth Waif is on the table waiting to be sewn.  Guess I had better get to it now.  John put up his Vertical Visions Malay kite.  I’m thinking of getting this same kite in the opposite color scheme.  It is so easy to fly and looks great.

Vertical Visions Malay Kite by Into The Wind
Brasington Central Station Train by Into The Wind
Brasington Central Station and Waif Trains

The weekend arrived and it was time for the Carolina Kite Club fly.  Several of the Critter Kites by Skydog; the Wolf, the Tiger and the Bumblebee, flew as well as the Central Station train and the Vertical Visions Malay kite.  We also put up the Triton Kite.  This is a modified genki design which pulls like a tank.  It is a steady flying kite, even in the gusty winds we had that day.  This will be a good kite for lots of line laundry.  Especially I’m thinking our red wiggly worm and yellow little man.  Haven’t had them up in a long time.  There were a couple of new people who joined us to fly a stunt kite, a delta kite and the EO Atom by Prism Kites.

Critter Kites by Skydog Kites
Triton Kite by Into The Wind

Today was a day we just couldn’t pass up.  It was at least ten degrees cooler than the past few days and the winds were steady at a moderate 11-12 mph.  So when our errand were done, off we went to the beach.  We put up two of our own Critter kites and I practiced with one of my Revs.

The Tiger and The Panda Critter Kites by Skydog Kites

It had been a while since I had flown the Custom B-Pros and this was the perfect day for a mid-vent.  I spent the time working on hovering and reverse diagonals.  Still haven’t figured out the inverse hover but I think it will come eventually.  There was practically no one on the beach which made for a very quiet, pleasant stay.  Then the sun began to go down and the park rangers wanted to close the gate.

Custom B-Pro Mid-Vent Revolution Kite
Yes, That’s Me and My Revolution

So now we’re home getting ready to go on the road and no telling when we’ll get to fly again.  Hopefully it won’t be too long.  It all depends on our new granddaughter.  She is due next week and we are pretty excited.  So until then…

Fair Winds All.

Back From A Mile High

We spent the Labor Day weekend at the Mile High Kite and Craft Festival in Beech Mountain, NC. This tiny town of about 350 people has hosted this festival for the past twelve years. We’ve attended the last six. It is a gathering of kite people from several neighboring states and kite clubs. The weather hasn’t always cooperated but the fellowship has been good regardless.

This year it didn’t rain. Yeah!!!!! But the wind didn’t attend either. Saturday was an open fly and a kite builders competition. The chamber of commerce was giving away small sled kites to the children attending the festival. After decorating the kites, there were a lot of kids and adults running up and down the side of the mountain getting their kites to fly. There were a wide range of kites brought from home or purchased at the vendors’ booths. Whether the kites would fly or not, there were still a lot of smiles all day.


There was just enough wind for the entries in the competition to fly for the judges. Five kites were entered in three categories. The most competition was in the Flat-and-Bowed category with three entries. The other categories, Soft Kite and Stunt Kite, had one entry each. All kites were judged for the benefit of the builders. After flying, the judges went over each kite with a fine-toothed comb, asking questions and giving advice on what was good and what needed improvement. For me, that was the best part. I learned a lot. The winning kite of the day was my Fled entitled “Smile”


Sunday was the official festival day. The sound system was set up, banners and ground displays lined the demo field, and the flyers were ready to put on a show. But, again, the wind decided not to show up. All the kite fliers pulled out their light wind kites and tried to get things up in the air. And, again, kids and families were running up and down the mountainside with all manner of kites. Some flew for a bit and some were just dragged along the ground. Yet, there were still smiles on faces all day. During the dead calm times, there were boll races for young and old and giant soap bubbles floating across the field. There were three remarkable demos performed on Sunday. One was a ballet using a white indoor Rev, another was a pairs stunt kite ballet and the third was a ballet using a standard Rev (the flier spent a lot of time walking backwards). Amazing feats in little to no wind. One enterprising young man ran up and down the mountain pulling his giant octopus behind him. It should be noted he only did it once.


I did fly my Dunton-Taylor box and my sport kite, Wisp II, a few times. The Skate wouldn’t go up and we didn’t think to pull out the Laima. In between flying attempts, we visited with old friends and met new ones. From our point of view, it was a great weekend. We’re looking forward to next year on Beech Mountain.


Fair Winds All.

The Wisp II Arrived

Much to my surprise, the Wisp II arrived early.  I was hoping it would come before we left for the Mile High Kite Fly at Beech Mountain, NC.  In fact, it arrived a week early.  Kudos to Into The Wind for the extremely fast delivery.  So my red Wisp II, my husband and I went to the beach today to try it out.  The winds were really low to nonexistent so it was a great trial for this kite.

The Wisp II is a dual-line, low wind stunt kite.  It is rated for two to five mph winds.  I tried it out on fifty foot lines to get a feel for it before leaving for the festival.  It was so much fun.  Even when the wind stopped and the flag at Fort Macon was wrapped around the pole, this kite kept on flying.  It felt like there was nothing on the other end of the lines.

The Wisp II by Into The Wind

Beech Mountain, here we come.

Fair Winds All.