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A person couldn’t ask for a more beautiful morning.  The temperature was mild, the sun was out and the winds were light, in the 5-7 mph range.  The clouds moved in not too much later but the beach was still the place to be.  This was the day for the first flight of my new light wind kite, the Laima.  It looks like a bird soaring high in the sky and floats on the lightest of winds.


The Laima by Flying Wings

There was quite a variety of kites in the air along with my Laima; a white Ghost delta kite with a jellyfish on the line, the low-wind Skate, a Triangulation and a smaller power sled.


Ghost Delta by Gomberg Kites with Jellyfish by Premier Kites


Laima by Flying Wings and a power sled


Triangulation by HQ Kites














This was also a good day to do some test flying of new kites.  Two of Skydog Kites new offerings flew very well in the light winds and you couldn’t help but smile when looking at them.  One was a parrot and the other was a butterfly.  Perfect kites for families on vacation.


Parrot by Skydog Kites


Butterfly by Skydog Kites

I took advantage of the morning to fly my little Wisp.  It is such a great low wind dual line stunt kite but oh, so sensitive to the inputs.  It took me a couple of launches to get used to it again.  Then the fun began.  Loops and dives and tight little spins.

Before leaving, I took some time to try out the Reflex from Revolution kites, their latest model quad line.  The early descriptions have it as a low wind kite for the beginner quad line flyer.  So this was the perfect day to give it a trial.



The Reflex by Revolution Kites

To me it appeared to be a slower flyer but easy to handle.  At times it seemed to drift in the wind and feel soft on the handles.  I wasn’t using the light-weight handles that come with but had it on my regular no-snag handles.  I had an easier time with an inverse hover which I’ve never been able to do well. This trial was an easy fly, no hard “spanking” or tricks.  Mostly smooth moves and slow lazy turns and loops.  Just want a beginning flyer would try to do.  I didn’t try the launch from a flat position nor the classic “dive-stop”.  I did like the Reflex more than I thought I would.  So there you have it.


Fair Winds All.











This two weekends ago was the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the North Carolina State Parks.  Fort Macon State Park had a huge re-enactment of the Siege of Fort Macon as part of the celebration.  I’ve never seen this many participants at the fort in all the years I’ve lived in this area.  There were cannon firings, demonstrations of Civil War dress for men and women, children’s marching drills, musket firings and marching drills, displays about the way of life during the Civil War and an evening concert and fireworks.


During the day, the Confederate forces held the fort and were bivouacked inside.  The Union forces were laying siege to the fort and were camped on the beach, with their cannons and mortars.  Right alongside our flying beach.  In fact, we had to go around a barricade across the path in order to get to the beach.




In honor of the celebration, two special rokkakus were flown.  One was for the Confederate States and one was for the Union States.  These were made for the AKA Convention at Gettysburg, PA in 2008.



Union States Rokkaku


Confederate States Rokkaku












Our personal tribute to the anniversary of the NC State Parks was a RWB delta kite with transition tails.  Along with these various other delta kites and critter kites added color in the sky.


12-foot Delta by Premier



After all the single line kites were flying and anchored, I began the long-awaited maiden flight of my five-stack of Goblins.  I’ve had a three-stack for quite a while and just recently decided to expand to five.  The Goblin is a smaller dual-line stunt kite that is practically indestructible.  It’s a great beginner stunt kite and, when stacked, provides more “pull” for experienced flyers.  And they look really great in the sky because of the Prismatex center panel.  It gives a sparkling holographic effect when the sun hits it.



Goblin Five-Stack

After some bridle adjustments, the stack took off and tried to take me with it.  The “pull” was surprising even though I was expecting it.  And I couldn’t stop grinning for a while after landing them. The next time they, fly I will have tails attached.  It should be an even better show.

We went home that afternoon tired and happy.  And already planning the next kite club fly.

Fair Winds All.








This past weekend was the annual Earth Day Celebration at Fort Macon State Park.  It brings out several government agencies, local non-profits and businesses to educate and promote good environmental stewardship.  There were activities and demonstrations for kids and adults and live music. Civil War re-enactors were also present to assist with cannon firings and historical demonstrations.  The Carolina Kite Club was asked to put a lot of color in the sky down on the beach for the visitors.

The days prior to this event were sunny, warm and blustery.  That is to say the winds were ranging from 14 to 20 mph.  We were all hoping those strong winds would calm enough so we could fill the sky with large kites and long tails.  Temperatures dropped a little on the day of the fly but the winds did not.  Ever the hopeful group, we took the kites we planned on flying and went down to the beach.


Our first order of business was to put up the banners.  After they were up, we began to think this was not such a good idea.  Wind gauges were measuring 18 to 22 mph and the sand was beginning to blow across the surface of the beach.  One intrepid flyer did launch a large HQ flowform with long tube tails and then immediately went and added extra sand to the anchor.  Another put up a mesh delta which handled the wind quite well.  I anchored out my large ground bouncer caterpillar.  The rest of the group decided it was too much wind but would wait a while and see if anything changed.




And change it did.  The wind got stronger.  The wind was now blowing 25 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. We huddled behind a dune to get out of the blowing sand and watched the banners bend almost down to the ground.  That was it!  We all packed up and called it a day.


It is such a disappointment when you’re asked to fly at an event and then are unable to.  Even when it is through no fault of your own.  We just hope that the organizers understand and know that we will be back to try again at the next Earth Day Celebration.

Fair Winds All.

The club kite fly this week was called because of weather.  We have become weather wimps in our “old age”.  However, the call of our addiction was so great that we went out on the next pretty day and had the beach to ourselves.


We went “back to our roots” and flew only single line kites.  My husband put up his Ghost Delta and I selected some of my White Bird dragon kites.  I’m continually trying to expand my collection of White Bird dragons.  These were three that you don’t see too often.  They put on a show in the sky no matter what pattern in on the sail.


White Bird Dragon Kite – Sun Face


White Bird Dragon – Dolphin


White Bird Dragon – Zebra














The Ghost Delta is made by Gomberg Kites.  It comes in other colors but the white seems to be the favorite.  Like the dragons, the flowing tails really make a statement in the sky.


Gomberg Kites Ghost Delta

Flying in the evening is a relaxing end to any day.  As the sun went down and the air began to chill, we packed up and strolled to the truck.  We were already making plans for our next flying day.


Fair Winds All.



Our last time on the beach wasn’t for flying kites.  It was for flying banners.  Several of the area churches have an outdoor sunrise service on Easter Sunday.  Our church in Atlantic Beach, NC is no exception.  However, this service is held at the public beach access on the sand.  For the past few years, we have erected white banners as a marker and a backdrop for that service.


The skies were cloudy but the rain held off until after the service.  After having a potluck breakfast with friends at the church, we headed off to Fort Macon to fly kites on a holiday kite club fly.  However, the rain began and the fly was cancelled.  We returned home and took a nap.  Sunrise comes way too early.

Fair Winds All.

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